Prof. Sergey Bagayev
Co-Chair, Director, Inst.of Laser Physics
RAS, Russia

Prof. Nikolai Kazak
Co-Chair, Director
Stepanov Inst. of Physics, NASB



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ICONO/LAT conference is the leading event in the area of quantum electronics, laser physics, and their applications.

The International Conference on Coherent and Nonlinear Optics (ICONO) has a rich half a century tradition as the principal conference in Russia and the former Soviet Union in quantum electronics, basic research in lasers, nonlinear and quantum optics, quantum information and quantum computing, fundamental laser metrology, physics of high-power laser interactions with matter, and physics of nanostructures. The Lasers, Applications, and Technologies (LAT) conference, started just in 2002, complements the ICONO conference in a wide range of laser technologies and applications including laser device development, processing of advanced materials, optical information Technologies, biomedicine and ecology applications.

You are greatly welcome to attend the ICONO/LAT 2016 conference in Minsk, Belarus. Please bookmark and visit this site often for the program and registration updates.

Organized by

National Academy of Sciences, Belarus (NASB)

Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)

Sponsored by

National Academy of Sciences, Belarus (NASB), Belarus

Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Russia
Belarus Fundamental Sciences Foundation, Belarus

Information partner

Photonics -- Science and Technology Journal

Prof. Elisabeth Giacobino
Co-Chair, Univ. et Marie Curie, France