Visa to Entry Belarus

A valid passport and visa are required to entry Belarus. The Organizing Committee will arrange visa support, if necessary.

After processing your visa support request you will receive an official invitation, which should be attached to your visa application when you apply to the Belarus visa:

  1. in the consular office of the Republic of Belarus in your country (cost 60 Euro, issued in 1-2 weeks)

  1. on arrival at the Minsk National Airport (cost: 180 Euro if there is Belarusian consulate in your country, or 90 Euro if there is no Belarus consulate in your country; paid in cash, issued in 1 hour)

For a visa application besides the other documents you will need an original application of a legal entity prepared by the Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. To get this paper, please contact Mrs. Yana Karol (e-mail: ) and communicate to her the following information:

-- Last name

-- First name(s)

-- Birthdate (

-- Citizenship

-- Contry you live in

-- Passport (travel document) number

-- Passport valid from--to (

-- Place of employment

-- Position

-- The main kind activity of employer

-- The dates you request visa for (

-- The duration of your stay in days

-- Number of entries

-- Purpose of your visit

Please also note that visa to Russian Federation is not valid to enter Belarus. If you travel to Belarus through Russia you need also a Russian transit visa (it is not issued at the airports, should be obtained in a Russian consular office in your country). For that reason we do recommend you to travel via European airports.

All needed information you can obtain on the website of The Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Belarus:



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